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Troubleshooting IRSS

Super Advisor

Troubleshooting IRSS

We are configuring IRSS A.05.40. The Hosting Device has been configured and 16 HP-UX 11iv1 Managed Systems have been configured so far. The Managed Systems are a mix of rp4440/3440/3410. The same steps have been performed while configuring the HP-UX Managed Systems:-
1) Removal of WEBES (using WEBES Cleanup Scripts downloaded from
2) /usr/sbin/swremove ISEEPlatform

All prerequisites have been met in all the Managed Systems:-
GOLDBASE11i - B.11.11.0706.467
BUNDLE11i - B.11.11.0306.1
OpenSSL - A.00.09.08l.001
WBEMSvcs - A.02.07.06
OnlineDiag - B.
SysMgmtWeb - A.
hpuxwsApache - A.
SysFaultMgmt - A.
...are all conforming to the recommendations in the HP Insight Remote Support Standard A.05.40 Managed Systems Guide

However, from 4 of the 16 Managed Systems, we are unable to get the test event notification (/etc/opt/resmon/lbin/send_test_event disk_em) in the SEA.

Can someone guide us on troubleshooting this issue. It will be highly appreciated. Thanks!