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Unable to send testtrap

根本 聡
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Unable to send testtrap

I have just installed ISEE onto ML350G4p server(WindowsServer2003R2) without problem.
But ISEE is unable to send testtrap to hp.
Entitlement verification is success.
Connecting to "" is success.
Sending testtrap to SIM on Intranet is success.

Re: Unable to send testtrap

Was OSEM installed on the server? OSEM is the event handling application and is required to capture the SNMP trap and convert it into http and deliver to the ISEE Client Software. You can download OSEM from
Is the Windows SNMP Trap Service set to Manual and started? The Windows SNMP Trap Service is required to recieve the SNMP Trap initially and deliver it to the SNMP registered applications (OSEM) on the server.
Is the Windows SNMP Service configured to send the trap to the localhost? This is configured on the SNMP Service Traps Tab.
Check the community name, if changed from the default of public then make the change on the OSEM Viewer (http://localhost:2069)>Internal Page>, click on the Advanced Internal Settings link at the bottom of that page and change the value of the Default SNMP GET Community Name variable.
Check the C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\OSEM\logs\RSM_log.0.log file, is there any mention of a trap being received by OSEM from the localhost? If not send a trap from a remote host, if this is not received by OSEM, then suspect something is wrong with your SNMP Trap Service or your Windows registry.