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Update contact problem

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Update contact problem

Salam everybody,

I have to install ISEE on a lot of HPUX v11.11 servers, the bundle installs ok et starts ok.

then I have two cases :

- the contact page I have to update contains a fiels "Serial Number" where I have to fill the serial number of the machine, good case!
- the bads cases are some servers where the serial number field does not appear !!! so when I try to submit the contact page, it fails!

the bundle is the same one with the 2 cases.

any idea ?
Valued Contributor

Re: Update contact problem

Hi Redissi,

sometimes there is a problem with DNS resolution of ISEE backend server.

If you have it, you can try to use CheckCon.class. If you do not have, maybe your ISEE support can provide it to you. It is a utility which can help to see if everything is OK with http access from server with ISEE client installed.

Also, enter IP address of ISEE server into the /etc/hosts file. Sometimes is possible that server has a problem with connecting to the Internet.