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Upgrading ISEE

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Gregory Heil
Occasional Advisor

Upgrading ISEE

I originally installed ISEE version 3.0 about a year ago.

When you attach to my servers running ISEE, I can see they now report the version being 3.90.

But now I'm being told that I need to actually do a swinstall with the new ISEE 3.9 depot, as the ISEE server code is still at 3.0, not what the browser is reporting. I was under the impression that during communications between my servers and HP via ISEE, automatic updates would take place. Obviously something has happened as the browsers are reporting 3.9, not the original 3.0

So now I'm comfused....
Frank Alden Smith
Trusted Contributor

Re: Upgrading ISEE


You are not alone in the confusion about ISEE versions. The 'version' option on the ISEE navigation panel tells you the version of the ISEE forms content -- NOT the version of the underlying ISEE Client software that displays the forms to your web-browser. I know the documentation is misleading ... but there you are.

I hope that helps ... in any event please don't shoot the messenger

Take care,
All knowing is doing.
Gregory Heil
Occasional Advisor

Re: Upgrading ISEE

Thanks for the info. It is very confusing, and the version entry on the form should be changed to reflect the actual versions of the client software and forms. Sure would make things clearer.