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Use of Insight Online and link to CSN CASM pages

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Use of Insight Online and link to CSN CASM pages


We have a number of customers that make use of IRS. We monitor those customers environemtn using Isight Online. However not all of my collegues get the Option My Custormers in Portal page, so they cannot assist in the moniotoring. How to fix this? May it is related to a profile setting??

also,, when an event is logged in Insight Online there is a link to the case on CASM for when I clik on the link I get a Not Authorized pop-up on the CSN page. So I cannot access the case and need workarounds to get the case solved. I have tried soem settings in my CSN profile, but can't find the correct oen. It currently is set at Technical Specialist. How to get hjis working properly,, so I can access the case by selecting the link in Insight Online?

Thanks for all the help