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View Remote Support Events

Gruneberg, Roman
Occasional Contributor

View Remote Support Events


i had a service incident in the morning. I got a mail from the SIM. Automatic event handling is enabled so the SIM seemend to sent a mail to HP. Because there was a wrong e-mail listed in the automatic event handling, i didn't get a mail when the call was opened. Is there a place in the SIM where i can view the hp-events that where created?

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Re: View Remote Support Events

Yes, there is. In the navigation tree under 'Events' there should be a section called 'Service Events'. If your communication to the HP backend is working, the cases wil be listed there with case number etc. There are also 3 default event handling jobs to email you when the case is opened,closed etc. These handlers are called (in v 6.2 at least)

RS Email on Assigned Events
RS Email on Opened Events
RS Email on Closed Events
RS Email on Delivered Events

SO even if you disable the email alerting, the call will still be logged with HP. In fact, you need to remember that SIM itself doesn't log the call. most likely you have System Event Analyser installed (SEA) whoch analyses traps from SIM and decides to log calls based on that info :)
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Gruneberg, Roman
Occasional Contributor

Re: View Remote Support Events


i configured the event jobs and i got an e-mail today that a service incident has been reported to hp, thanks for that.
But there is no section "Service Events" under Options->Events in my SIM. Maybe my version (5.3 SP1) is too old for that?