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WBEM Test Event "informational event"

Ahmed BH

WBEM Test Event "informational event"

Hi All,
When I issue the command send_test_event monitor_name
I got an inoformational event in HP SIM and not error event service4 or 3
could you please advice???
Frank Alden Smith
Trusted Contributor

Re: WBEM Test Event "informational event"


You want to check your subscription to WBEM alert indications, which HP SIM makes on behalf of WEBES. Easiest way is to open the System Management Homepage (SMH) link to your HP-UX server and follow this path in SMH:

Tools > Evweb > Subscription Administration

Then select View External Subscriptions. Alternatively, you can issue the following at the HP-UX CLI:

/opt/sfm/bin/evweb subscriptions -L -b external

If, as I suspect, you don't see the subscriptions for 'HPWEBES_(your CMS)_Filter_HP_AlertIndication ...', then check WEBES. You will probably find that your HP-UX server's hostname/IP address appears highlighted in orange. This means WEBES requires more information about the managed entity. Frequently, when you open the link (click on the hostname) you will find there are no fields on the managed entity page that are highlighted. If that is the case click on [Cancel]. Usually this will clear the "missing information" issue. Go back and verify your subscription. In most cases it will show up. If not restart the DESTA service on the CMS (Central Management Server).

When the subscription appears you will have to repeat the send_test_event command.

There is more, but the above steps clear the issue 98% of the time.

Take care,
All knowing is doing.