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WEBES 5.2 patch 2 still gets E2E error


WEBES 5.2 patch 2 still gets E2E error

We upgraded WEBES to fix the E2E problem yet the problem still remains.

Hostname: servername

Version: 1.0

Error Code: E2E


Webes HeartBeat test failed to log event. Webes may not be in running state


Recommended Action:

Restart Webes Director or Contact HP services

The director was restarted again. This is a bit annoying.

Any suggestions?

Re: WEBES 5.2 patch 2 still gets E2E error

Hi Uma,

Yes, it can get annoying getting those emails.

Clear the windows application Log (also make sure by right clicking on it that the MAX LOG SIZE is set to at least 8192KB and no more then 16960KB.)

Then, try these couple new steps, they get rid of one of the e2e causes, it has shown some good success on clearing the E2E.

From the command line [NOTE: the DRI key "SEA.idleTimeoutSeconds" IS CASE-

desta dri add SEA.idleTimeoutSeconds
desta dri set SEA.idleTimeoutSeconds 57600

net stop desta_service
(Wait for WEBES to stop)

net start desta_service

[NOTE: The "desta dri add" command, first step above, assumes that the DRI key "SEA.idleTimeoutSeconds" has not already been defined. If the key has already been defined, the following error message will appear:

DRI Error: java.lang.Exception: Key SEA.idleTimeoutSeconds already exists
Command attempted: "add SEA.idleTimeoutSeconds "

This DRI Error message is benign -- it is really just a warning -- and IF it occurs, it can safely be ignored.]

WEBES 5.3 should be out before the end of the year and it will contain that and other fixes for the E2E.

Hope it helps.