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WEBES 5.4 problem -> Undelivered: ISEE


WEBES 5.4 problem -> Undelivered: ISEE


i am having issues regarding the WEBES 5.4, in a HPSIM 5.2.2 and RSP A.05.10 installation.

I have the EVA's entitled and i can get collections from the EVA. Everything works fine except for the Remote Support Client (please check this link: )

Everytime i type "wccproxy test" in a Command View server, i get "Undelivered: Isee. Delivered: HPSIM, SNMP, etc" in WEBES.

If i type "wccproxy test" in the CMS, i get "Delivered:ISEE".

All the WEBES info seems to be OK. I turned ON the WEBES notifications for ISEE, for HPSIM, OSEM, email.

Can this be related to the Remote Support Client not working? I dont think so, or else the "wccproxy test" command in the CMS would retrieve "Undelivered: ISEE" too, right?

Can anyone give me a help?

Thank you!
Rob A. Hart
Occasional Advisor

Re: WEBES 5.4 problem -> Undelivered: ISEE

Hi Gustavo,

One reason the event is not passed to the RSP Client is due to missing required data for either entitlement, site or contact information for the Managed Device.

Within HP SIM, the RS column under the Entitlement tab of the RSPS screen will advise the status of this information, however please confirm, via Edit System Properties, that all the Entitlement, Contact and Site Locations details have been completed for these devices.

Another place to review would be WEBES itself which will also notify you of missing details (via orange background of the entity missing the required data) when you review the Managed Entities, Managed Sites and Managed Contacts. Note though that any required data should be entered in HP SIM via the Edit Systems Property page for the device(s), and this will be propagated to WEBES.

Re: WEBES 5.4 problem -> Undelivered: ISEE

Hello Rob,

thanks for your answer!

I have put the Contract and Warranty info (in Edit System Properties) for the server (S/N, P/N, SAID). Then i put also the contact and site information When i first tried to collect Contract ans Warranty, i got correct entitlement in HPSIM. I have all 3 columns in Options -> Remote SUpport Configuration -> Entitlement ... all GREEN.

This informations is also seen in WEBES. when i added the server, i didn't get any orange info, it was all inserted from HPSIM.
The protocols were automatically detected.

so when i try to "wccproxy test" in the managed server, i get in Webes the Undelivered: ISEE. Delivered: HPSIM, SNMP, EMAIL, etc.

In HPSIM, after the "wccproxy test" i get 2 events: a type 4 event from the CMS server and a type 2 event from the managed system. I suppose i should get both type 2 and type 4 events from the managed system??

Any help would be much appreciated...
Juan B.S.R.
Trusted Contributor

Re: WEBES 5.4 problem -> Undelivered: ISEE

Hi Gustavo.
Did you solve this problem?
I have a problem like this but, in my case, with Insight Remote Support, light version without CMS.
When I use "wccproxy test" I get "Undelivered:ISEE".
Thanks in advance.
Juan B.S.R.
Trusted Contributor

Re: WEBES 5.4 problem -> Undelivered: ISEE

Looking at "C:\Program Files\HP\RemoteSupport\logs" folder in "submitProxiedIncident.log" I can see the error "Client is not in a valid state for submittals"

Re: WEBES 5.4 problem -> Undelivered: ISEE

Hello, i solved my issue upgrading from HPSIM 5.2.2 -> 5.3 and RSP A05.10 -> A05.20.

Thank you for your answers.