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WEBES Errors discovering iLO's

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Rene Nascimento
Frequent Advisor

WEBES Errors discovering iLO's

Hi there, I also get WEBES errors from my iLO's shown below. How do I fix these errors?


Brief Description:

Failed to discover 10.x.x.x Callout ID:        

hpSVCTOOLSTrapFull Description:

WEBES has failed to correctly discover the system named 10.xx.xx.xx at IP address xx.xx.xx.xx


Re: WEBES Errors discovering iLO's

Hi Rene,


 Those messages are sent when WEBES recieves a trap from a device for the first time that it does not know about.  In that case, it tries to discover what the device is.  In this case it is an iLO from a ProLiant I assume.  WEBES does not support traps from an iLO for analysis, only getting traps from the ProLiant itself.  This causes the message to be sent. 


  You can safely ingore that message.  You can prevent the message by removing the Central Management Server from the trap destination on the iLO.  I don't know the steps for doing that off the top of my head, but it should be in the iLO documenation.

I am an HP employee.