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WEBES Service Obligation Expired

Joel Mendoza_2
Occasional Contributor

WEBES Service Obligation Expired

I got the contract renewed. How do i re-entitle the EVA?
Service Obligation: Expired
Service Obligation Number: USE05110JM
System Serial Number: USE05110JM
Service Provider Company Name: Hewlett-Packard Company
Obligation Start Date: Mon Jul 30 11:44:09 PDT 2007
Obligation Ending Date: Tue Jul 29 11:44:09 PDT 2008
Liem Nguyen
Honored Contributor

Re: WEBES Service Obligation Expired


You need to download and upgrade Webes, this will extend the obligation for another 1 year.
You can download Webes from here:

If your current Webes version is older than 5.0, you will need to remove it first. Please read the Release note for some new requirements.

Occasional Contributor

Re: WEBES Service Obligation Expired

I had something similar on a server and sorted it by donig the following:

at a command prompt type in "desta servop install"

Enter your service level agreement (mine as already entered so I could return past it). Once you've done that type in "wsea status" and it should be re-activcated.