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WEBES Web Configuration

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WEBES Web Configuration


We have installed webes onto 2 systems TRU64 V4.0G. Also configured the Web Access.
Now I'm able to get the web access from my local XP machine with http://ip:7902.

I added another host into the default group. I can even see sub folder under both these systems. But the problem is , I m not able to view any system messages? Or will they appear only in case of a big problem?? e.g. kernel panic or so?
But lateron I saw a single alert for "Problem Found: SEATEST event callout" under both machines System Log tab.
I did google and they say one should have internet access if not then above error occurs.
But we dont intend to provide our system logs to outside world.
Basically what we seek is a tool that will monitor the system events and report as and when necessary so that we can monitor them using the web access.
Is there anything we need to configure inorder to get the above requirement fulfilled?

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Re: WEBES Web Configuration

You can use the lates version of WEBES on a central (Windows) server. The Tru64 systems need only the WCCProxy (new ELMC_WCCProxy). Configure all systems into WEBES.
All events are being sent to the mail address, which you've configured in WEBES.
If you want, that automatic service events (support cases) are being sent to HP, you can choose IRS Standard (WEBES with Remote Support) or IRS Advanced (WEBES, HP-SIM with Remote Support).
Information for
IRS Advanced:
IRS Standard:

Regards, Werner