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[WEBES] Webes database access

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Danilo B
Frequent Advisor

[WEBES] Webes database access

Hi all,

I need to verify that WEBES database is fine and that WEBES service is able to logon to database. I see postresql process listening on port 7950 but if I try to connect to database using pgAdmin3 utility with default password Webe$rules8552 I got this error:

Password authentication failed for user "postgres"

Thank you all for help!
Trusted Contributor

Re: [WEBES] Webes database access

With WEBES 6.0 its (PostgreSQL) database has been integrated and is running now as a sub-service of the desta_service. Its software and data is now also located in .\svctools\..
When you can enter the WSEA user interface, the database is running.
The port 7950 is still being used. You'll see now about 22 running postgres.exe.
The user postgres and all previously used database systems can be disabled and uninstalled.

Regards, Werner
Danilo B
Frequent Advisor

Re: [WEBES] Webes database access

Thank you Werner. I was supposed the configuration was as described into HP\Installers\WEBES\PostgreSQL.htm. This file has to be removed if configuration changed.

Regards, Danilo

Re: [WEBES] Webes database access



Just wondering if there is way to TRIM this data base my total SIM data base is around 4GB where as this WEBES database over 10GB. Any ideas will be much appericiated.