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WEBES and separate SQL server?

Chris Ciapala
Trusted Contributor

WEBES and separate SQL server?

Hi all,
I'm trying to setup RSP, managed to install SIM without problems, using external SQL as database, I'd like to do the same with WEBES DB, however I don't see any options how to prevent WEBES from installing SQL Express and use external database instead.
Anyone can help with this?
Sandner Bernd
Occasional Visitor

Re: WEBES and separate SQL server?

Having the same Problem.
Would be great if someone replies to that prob.
Searched the whole WEBES documentation about that but didn't found a solution so far.
Steve Young2
Occasional Visitor

Re: WEBES and separate SQL server?

I found this which may help:

Fully Licensed SQL Server 2005

To install SqlServer and create a WEBESDB instance with the fully licensed version of SQLServer 2005 follow these steps:

Run the SQL Server 2005 media disk, or run the setup.exe if you have expanded the kit onto a physical drive of your machine.

If you agree to the licensing agreement, click the check box, then click Next.

The installing prerequisites dialogue will appear. After the prerequisites have installed, click Next.

The Welcome to Microsoft SQL Server Installation dialogue will appear. Click Next.

The System Configuration check will appear. When the system configuration check completes, click Next.

The registration Information dialogue will appear. Enter a name in the name text box. The text box to enter a company name is optional. Click Next.

The components to install dialogue will appear. Click the check box labeled SQL Server Database Services.
(Other components may be checked if desired). Click Next.

The Instance Name dialogue box will appear. Click the radio button for Named Instance. Enter â WEBESDBâ in the named instance text box. Click Next.

The Service Account dialogue will appear. Click the radio button labeled â Use the built-in system accountâ .

Verify that the pull down option is â Local Accountâ . In the area labeled start services at the end of setup, verify that the SQLServer and SQLBrowser check boxes are checked. The SQL Server Agent check box does not need to be checked. Click Next.

The Authentication Mode dialogue will appear. Choose â Mixed Modeâ . (Windows Authentication and SQL Server Authenticationâ ). In the â Enter Passwordâ and â Confirm Passwordâ text boxes, enter â Webes$rules8552â . Click Next.

The Collation Settings dialogue box will appear. Leave the default setting â discretionary orderâ , and click Next.

The Error and Usage report Settings dialogue will appear. These check boxes are optional, and may be checked or left un-checked as you wish. After making your selection, click Next.

The Ready to Install dialogue will appear. Click Install.

The Setup Progress dialogue will appear. When the installation is complete, click Next.

The Completing Microsoft Sql Server Setup dialogue will appear. Click Finish.

Steve Young2
Occasional Visitor

Re: WEBES and separate SQL server?

sorry, replace the â  characters with the " character