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WEBES entries have disappeared, after automatic update

Tom Dooley
Occasional Visitor

WEBES entries have disappeared, after automatic update

Last week, the hard work of all systems by hand in WEBES registered. Last weekend was an automatic update installed WEBES v5.5 and all items are gone.

If HP already out there such updates to customers to support, they should also work.

Has anyone similar problems or a solution?
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Re: WEBES entries have disappeared, after automatic update

from webes releasenotes

it will clear all configs when doing upgrade and they will fix it in future versions...

So same issue here =)
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Tom Dooley
Occasional Visitor

Re: WEBES entries have disappeared, after automatic update

Now it looks like as a bad joke from HP, if the problem is not resolved in a newer version. ;-)
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Re: WEBES entries have disappeared, after automatic update

From a HP Newsflash:

Potential problems with Web-Based Enterprise Services (WEBES) 5.5 when upgrading

Customers will have seen the release of Web-Based Enterprise Services (WEBES) 5.5 through the Remote Support Software Manager. However, we have had some reports that configuration information such as contact names, email addresses, notification enablements, and managed entity XML data was not restored when upgrading. This is documented as a Known Issue, but appears not to be a common occurrence. However, in these cases WEBES configuration information should be automatically restored by re-syncing with the HP Systems Insight Manager underlying database.

Your action: HP account teams need urgently to check if they all their customers have noticed this problem and if so, please open a support case and request that this is escalated to L3 support. This will allow us to isolate the problem and produce a fix as soon as possible. If the automatic re-synchronization has not been successful, you should also raise an urgent support case to L3 support before re-adding the configuration information manually as this installation will not be transmitting events to HP. Again, this will help us to isolate these corner cases.

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