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Webes connection error

Kenan Erdey
Honored Contributor

Webes connection error


I installed webes 5.2 but i can't open the System Event Anayzer page. i turn on debugging. and see when i opened the page, it gives messages like:

17:58:19,031 ERROR JDBCExceptionReporter:78 - Network error IOException: Connect
ion refused: connect

Thanks for your helps.
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Walter Habichler
Occasional Advisor

Re: Webes connection error


I've got the same error when trying to install webes 5.2 using Remote Software Support Manager 5.10.

In the history.log File I found also following entries -

#"SQL Server 2005 Express SP2 Installation Error Code: 1706"
#"SQL Server 2005 Express SP2 Installation was NOT Successful. Please refer to C:\Program Files\HP\SWMAgent\Installers\WEBES\WebesSQLServer.htm File for Installation of SQL Server."

Installation of SQL Express Server 2005 is part of WEBES 5.2, but this seems to be not working on the CMS.

Could you take a look if the SQL Express installation was successfull on your host ?

I found also a SQL Server Installation document, in the webes installer directory
(see attachment)

I opened a support case, but didn't get an answer yet.


Re: Webes connection error


Make sure that you have the latest Java in there. If you google "SUN JRE" you should get to the download page. It's probably related with your issue.
after upgrading (if needed) restart desta and WCCProxy:

net stop desta_service
net stop wccproxy
net start wccproxy
net start desta_service

Check and see if you already have SQL express in the server. If you do, can you remove it?
Make sure you're logged in as console (run "quser" from the cmd prompt you should have ID 0)
Then try to install WEBES again.