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What am I missing

David Larvin

What am I missing

Okay I am a bit puzzled, hope someone can clear it for me.
I have an EVA managed by CV on a DL380, call it SRV1. This server has SMI-S installed and WEBES 5.2 with the EVA and the Command View Server down as managed nodes. I have set notifications to send SNMP and QSAP to the second DL380, call it SRV2.
I have a second DL380 SRV2 running HPSIM 5.2, WEBES 5.2. I have issues with RSP so I reinstalled ISEE for testing. Right. If I log onto SRV1, login to WEBES and send a test event
it appears in the HPSIM event window as coming from SRV1 but the message says undelivered to ISEE. However if I login to WEBES on SRV2, submit a test event again HPSIM sees the event but delivers this time onto ISEE. Is this expected?
Because SRV2 doesn't actually manage the EVA will any proper events on the EVA actually get through to ISEE? If I look in the ISEE event window everything seen just has SRV2 as the sending device but I would have thought SRV1 should be seen but until it actually delivers to ISEE I guess it never will. Am I missing something or just being an idiot?
Liem Nguyen
Honored Contributor

Re: What am I missing


What you are trying to do is not YET supported, it's still under "Controlled release".