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Why the VAEH doesn't work ?

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Why the VAEH doesn't work ?

I have a va7410 array.for the management purpose I installated the ISEE and VAEH depot on HP-UX host.
But the problem is that the ISEE and VAEH actually did not work when the va7410 disk failing event occured. I checked the EMS event(/var/opt/resmon/log/event.log).there were not any logs for this disk failed event . Only in the syslog.log,the CommandView reported "a disk may have failed."
where is the log of the VAEH? why the VAEH didn't send the problme report about the disk failed to ISEE ? Are any help ? Thanks
Frauke Denker_2
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Why the VAEH doesn't work ?

the reason why you did not find any hints for a disk failure in the event.log is that the RemoteMonitor is disabled when the VAEH is installed. The VAEH version depends on the CVSDM version - so if you have the latest CVSDM but not the latest VAEH that might cause some problem.
If you want to check some logfiles go to /var/opt/hpservices/contrib/vaeh/log/
You can as well send an install event /opt/hpservices/contrib/vaeh/bin/