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backup of IRS virtual machine made with VMware is supported ?

mario brignole
Occasional Contributor

backup of IRS virtual machine made with VMware is supported ?

hello, someone has experience in backing up the IRS VM by performing an image backup via the VMware snapshot,
and if a restore using this method will render the IRS instance, restored in this way, consistent ?

I know that in practice it worked more than once, but I don't find specific indications, suggestions or confirmations on the web, that this method is supported and that it always works




Re: backup of IRS virtual machine made with VMware is supported ?

Hi Mario,

I will check with the team and get back to you - I know the preferred way is to have the I-RS tool create the backup directory, each day, then back that directory up - but let me ask if what you propose is supported.

I work for HPEAccept or Kudo

Re: backup of IRS virtual machine made with VMware is supported ?

I spoke with the Insight Remote Support team regarding your question about whether or not using VM snapshots as a backup technique is supported.

Let me first say, this has not been thoroughly tested - and while it might work, we have some areas of potential things that COULD happen in a system configured "at scale."

Snapshots do not always come back with a current time set correctly - and the Insight Remote Support tool depends on timestamps for a lot of activity. 

Let's say you had taken a snapshot 1 month ago and you restore it now.  Not only would you lose any changes made since a month ago, but I-RS would attempt to "catch up" on all of the scheduled tasks that are now "overdue" - depending on the time window, and the number of systems being monitored, this could potentially overload the system with "catch up work."

Worst case could be that the system could experience corruption if things go haywire -- certainly not something you would want to have in your backup strategy.

Now, having said all that - I doubt you would expect to do this only once per month, probably more like daily or at worst weekly - in which case the potential for unexpected behavior would be minimized, even if only because the "missed scheduled items" would be fewer.

So - bottom line, I cannot say this is supported - it could work for you - but we haven't tested it - I don't know what your environment looks like (number of devices, etc.) so I ask that you think about whether or not you want to deploy this.

Perhaps if you have a "test bed", you may try a few snapshot recoveries to see what you think.

And, remember, if you have restored from a snapshot, make sure you restart Insight Remote Support - so you have a better chance of success, as this is the point where Insight Remote Support does a lot of sanity testing/checking and setup.

I work for HPEAccept or Kudo
mario brignole
Occasional Contributor

Re: backup of IRS virtual machine made with VMware is supported ?

yes, I understood what you said, you are absolutely right, they were the same as my concerns.

I thought (I hoped) only that the backup methods allowed for this tool could take into account the software evolution occurred in the real world
.... but on the other hand I realize the possible technical problems that could arise by restoring the application in this way.

then, in addition to using the method indicated in the technical documentation
Administrator Settings --> Schedules --> Advanced Schedules section --> Application Backup Schedule

I will make some attempts with VMware snapshot, minimizing the possibility of problems and to maximize consistency guarantee, by using::
a) daily frequency
b) evaluating how to manage the automatic by stopping the Insight RS services in advance (net stop hprsmain / net stop hprsreceivers)


pls, if possible, allow me a further question

there is also the possibility of using an agent plus a possible module for "hot" database backup

what do you think about it..... can exist the same risks of non-consistency between the copy and the possible subsequent restore ?

if this method can be considered valid, for the agent to be used, is the postgresql the db used?

thanks again