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converting to EMS/ISEE from predictive (and bigbrother)

Bob Brown_1
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converting to EMS/ISEE from predictive (and bigbrother)

Since predictive support is being phased out, I need to plan to migrate our systems off of it.
It looks like EMS/ISEE are the tools to move towards. It looks like ISEE's purpose is mostly to just report the EMS-sensed issued to hp, while EMS is actually doing the detection.

I am used to predictive, and have a bigbrother script automatically scan the psaction file and call my pager if there is a reported fault that predictive encountered. How can I get something similer going with EMS/ISEE?

I looked at the 'Using the Event Monitoring Service' manual, but it is very general and positions EMS as more than just for h/w monitoring. I want to know how to view and modify how ems is monitoring and notifying me. I go in via the sam interface and I see NO entries whatsoever, but something is emailing me when EMS restarts after a boot.

What do I need to do to not lose any monitoring and alerting capabilities when I phase out predictive?


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Re: converting to EMS/ISEE from predictive (and bigbrother)

Hello mate,

To view what EMS is monitoring, start the monconf:

# /etc/opt/resmon/lbin/monconfig
from the main menu, you may select the different options to view, enable or disable the monitored HW items. However, no further coniguration or changes is needed afrer installing EMS (Online Diagnostic Tools).
Moreover, when you login as root, just type mail at the command prompt and EMS will tell you what to do.
You won't find the log files under SAM, it's located here:

Once you install ISEE, it will disable Predictive. ISEE will replace Predictive and Predictive will be obsolete shortly! Refer to the Sept. 2003 Support plus for more information. Put in your contact information in ISEE and HP will call you incase of a system failure!
Hope this help
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Frauke Denker_2
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Re: converting to EMS/ISEE from predictive (and bigbrother)

Hello Bob,
you are right, EMS is the tool that monitors the hardware and ISEE that one that transports the event that need more attention to HP with one exception and that is the VA. There is a extra monitor from ISEE called VA Even Handler that reports the VA events.
The /etc/opt/resmon/lbin/monconfig is the application you use to modify a so called monitoring request (the is the bundle of hardware monitor, severity and notification methode) for a event monitor. The SAM GUI is not for event monitoring but for status monitoring and by default there are only event monitors configured.
The configuration files for the monitors are located in /var/stm/config/tools/monitor. There are configuration files *.sapcfg that define where to send a special event and the *.clcfg define wether they are transported or not. After you installed ISEE you will find an isee.sapcfg that tell EMS to send the events for ISEE TCP Port 1402 and to /var/opt/resmon/log/rst.log. The file rts*.clcfg define which events are reported to ISEE from EMS.
If you want to be notified of calls logged by ISEE you can use the email function provided by ISEE sending an email as soon as someone is assigned to the isee case. If you prefer something different monitoring the rst.log would be a good thing to do I think.
Hope that helps a it.
Stefan Stechemesser
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Re: converting to EMS/ISEE from predictive (and bigbrother)

to get notified by critical hw_errors from EMS via e-mail:

-start as root /etc/opt/resmon/lbin/monconfig
-enter "a" to add a monitoring request
-use on all questions the default (press always enter) except the e-mail address (enter yours instead of root) and the final question "are you sure ?".

That's it.

You do not have to care much about what ISEE does. It only forwards errors generated by EMS. The only exception are HPMCs that cause a system crash and are not detected by EMS.
However, if you would like to write a script to check for new ISEE incidents: All incidents are stored under /opt/hpservices/incidents, but ISEE forwards not only CRITICAL events but also some informational events => it is not a good idea to be paged anytime an incident is generated.

ISEE generates HP response center calls very fast (should take only a few minutes). From my point of view, the best way would be to enter your pager ID in the contact information and if there is really a serious problem, an HP engineer will contact you as soon as possible.

Best regards