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had to change prod # for entitlement to go through


had to change prod # for entitlement to go through


I have an RP8420 with an Npar and two Vpar's.
One of the Vpar's I changed the hostname.

Uninstalled ISEE client on the changed vpar and reinstalled and got an entitlement error stating it was not under support. The prod# used was A6912A.

contacted my HP ASC, he stated that for entitlement to go through I had to change the prod# to A6093A due to support level. I also had to do this on the Npar and other vpar on the same RP8420.

has anyone ever heard of this, having to change the product number in the isee config in order to get entitlement to go through???
Frauke Denker_2
Esteemed Contributor

Re: had to change prod # for entitlement to go through

the entitlement should only work with the correct PN and SN. A6093A is the PN for a rp8400 - has the server been upgraded? Usually an upgrade should include the update of the PN to match the one of the upgraded systemen and the database needs to be upgraded too. Is there a contract for that system? If so - what is the PN of that system in the contact. Did the entitlement work properly with that PN?
If ISEE is transmitting an incorrect PN you might get a wrong replacement part in case of a failure.
It would be a god idea to get the reason why the PN for a rp8400 needs to be used - I am sure that the one who advised you to d so could help you with that - there might be a good reason for it.

Re: had to change prod # for entitlement to go through

I spoke with my HP ASC about this, and he stated that the HP Contract Administrator stated that on the RP8420's the product number of A6912A has been replaced by A6093A.

I went to the website and could not find anything about this in the forums.

I also googled both product numbers and I could not find anything that states that the RP8420 product was replaced.