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invalid url in emails from ISEE

Rich Kloempken

invalid url in emails from ISEE

I've installed ISEE 3.00.026 on 3 different servers. When an incident occurs, the emails I receive have badly formed urls that have either the literal "null" or the address "" instead of the server name.

either this:


or this:

Of course, these links don't work. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this behavior?


Paul DILorenzo
Fixing bugs only reveals larger bugs that were hidden by the current bug
Frauke Denker_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: invalid url in emails from ISEE

if there are several IP addresses assigned to one system, this problem occurs sometimes. I do not know which mechanism ISEE uses to select the IP addess for the emails. If you have a look at the link you will see the hostname, so if you just replace the by the fully qualified hostname, the link will work.
I already asked for further information to understand the way the IP address is selected, but did not recieve an answer by now.
Owen Campbell
Occasional Advisor

Re: invalid url in emails from ISEE

Hi Paul,

This is a known problem with the ISEE client 3.00 for when there are multiple IP's configured on a host. This is a problem with the ISEE software and will be resolved in later releases of the software.

As mentioned before, just replace the invalid IP address of with the correct IP address of your server as the current work around.

Rich Kloempken

Re: invalid url in emails from ISEE

Thanks very much for the replies. That will work only if I know which server is experiencing the incident. The ones with the may or may not have the server name later in the url. The ones that come in with the word "null" give no indication of which server it is.

Thanks again,

Paul DiLorenzo
Fixing bugs only reveals larger bugs that were hidden by the current bug