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irs 7.0.5 not recieve events P6350

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irs 7.0.5 not recieve events P6350



I have installed IRS 7.0.5 and ELMC on my storage server. I like to recollect events from my EVA P6300 (CV 10.2).


IRS discover the P6300 but I obtain this error:


-  No valid connection to: EVA using Protocol: CVProtocol  -
I have added the credentials in IRS --> Administration Settings --> Discovery --> Credentials --> HP P6000 Commnad View but I cannot access to it. And I still received the error.
What happen ??
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Re: irs 7.0.5 not recieve events P6350

wrong forum... this is for the Lefthand product line now call Storevault or VSA.

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Re: irs 7.0.5 not recieve events P6350

Better forum:

However, I could point you to the "managed devices" guide of Insight RS.

IS CV 10.2 working properly?

SMI-S installed?

wccproxy can run on the server?

Does this server currently manage the EVA? (eva is not "owned" by another CV session, e.g. the management module)




Sounds like the EVA is not getting discovered at all. Is it listed in "Devices" or not?



So "not receiving events" is not your problem, if the EVA is not discovered yet.




Last but not least it could even be a firewall problem?

Hope this helps!

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Zdenek Kohl
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Re: irs 7.0.5 not recieve events P6350

Hi Jesus,


please check if WCCProxy is installed on the CV server. If you click INSTALL on the packet in the RS Console, it will just be uploaded to the C:\ProgramData\HP\RS\DATA\ELMC directory on the IRS server. You need to install it manually. See the

HP Insight Remote Support Monitored Devices Configuration Guide, page 117 on