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isee troubleshooting

Frequent Advisor

isee troubleshooting

isee not connection.
network is 80 port open.

Re: isee troubleshooting

Connect using http://name:5060/start.html
Liem Nguyen
Honored Contributor

Re: isee troubleshooting

Hi Mark,

From your attachment, looks like you have two problems:

1. ISEE GUI won't come up: You can try adding the URL to ISE Security/Local Intranet. (Tools/Internet options/Security/Local Intranet).

2. Can't connect to HP backend:
Make sure port 80 is open with no authentication. Are you using Proxy?
Make sure "nslookup" works.
Make sure "telnet 80" works.

/opt/hpservices/log/mad.log may give you some indications of the problem.

Hope this helps,

Joelmel Roche
Valued Contributor

Re: isee troubleshooting

hi mark

use bypass proxy server on your local IE and check all the following deamon;

ps -ef | grep -i hpservices
ps -ef | grep -i mad
ps -ef | grep -i rst
ps -ef | grep -i stm

/sbin/init.d/hpservices start

If behind a firewall, then Port 80 must be open to internet to establish back
connection. ISEE only supports proxy HTTP 1.1 not msoft NLM proxy

You can test it by going to:

Also verify that diagmond is stull running after client install.
Use .

If you get a page that says "Front End Statistics for Vendor
HP_Services" is only to test the browser for out going connections -
nothing else.....then use: