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mad -u root

Ana María
Occasional Contributor

mad -u root

I was making my daily checklist and found this command increasing the CPU utilization on my server: mad -u root
I had never seen it before, so I need to know what is it used for.
Can anybody help me?
Frauke Denker_2
Esteemed Contributor

Re: mad -u root

the process "mad" is the main process of ISEE. It should not consume to much cpu time - if it does, ether it logs and transmitts events or there is a problem. Therefor please check, wether several new incidents have been created, if not, please restart the hpservices (/sbin/init.d/hpservices stop // start). With one of the old versions there was a problem with the mad that occured very rarely - therefor, if the problem occurs again, update to the latest version (would be a good idea anyway - just install the new version, it will keep the configuration).