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memory single bit error


memory single bit error

Hi all~

I got a EMS message It's about mem single bit error. but I didn't receive any info from isee

I wonder ISEE doesn't care memory??
Liem Nguyen
Honored Contributor

Re: memory single bit error


Most likely, this single bit error is being filtered out or it doesn't meet the threshold required by ISEE.

Some errors are filtered out before sending to ISEE, while some other errors might be considered as noises and being closed when they arrive at HP.

Please refer to this document for more details of EMS errors:

Hope this helps,
Honored Contributor

Re: memory single bit error


A non recurring single bit memory will not be enough to trigger ISEE event. If the error starts recurring, it will trigger an ISEE event.

If you look at the EMS message (enter the command recorded in syslog) you will probably see that this is a "wait and see" error.

I had one a couple of months ago -went through the HP response team, and was informed that it was inconsequential unless it occurs multiple times.