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modify email notification content (hpux - sfm - webes)

Occasional Advisor

modify email notification content (hpux - sfm - webes)

following config: hpux 11iv2 servers, hpsim server with webes (rsp).

i configured email notification in webes.
but in these messages, there are no infos about location, product number, contact info.

i want to modify the content of these on the hpux servers (system fault management).

like it can be done in EMS (monconfig --> user comment).
is this possible with SFM, too?
where can i change it? hpux and/or webes

(just the mail notification from webes (centralized server) to the system administrators)

Olivier Masse
Honored Contributor

Re: modify email notification content (hpux - sfm - webes)

Every configuration about the location and contact for a server is done in Systems Insight Manager, in the "edit system properties" panel. You don't absolutely need to configure WEBES to send e-mail notifications, but I personally do it.

Alternatively, you can also configure SFM to send e-mails directly to someone, without going through WEBES, like it used to be with EMS. This lets you have a failsave if WEBES or SIM are not available at the time of the event.

Good luck