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overview of HP insight software

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overview of HP insight software


Can you please describe on overview of HP Insight software or any link on stack of HP insight software?





Re: overview of HP insight software




The following link provides more information:


HP Insight Management:



HP Insight Control:



HP Systems Software Management:




Hope this provides information of what you need.





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Re: overview of HP insight software

I can give you a brief overview of SIM (Systems Insight Manager).



Systems insight manager is a convoluted obscure way to monitor your hardware. It takes industry standardized security principals, and completely throws them out the window and making your entire infrastructure vunerable.

Documentation on this product is inadequate , incoherent and 1/3 of the time flat out wrong. save yourself the time and agony of reading through eight different deployment / setup guides just to find out in the end, that the technologies they describe are just figments of HP imagination.

Navigation of this product reminds me of some 90's bulletin board. Is completely out dated, and not user friendly.

If however you do get this time vampire setup, and get through the labyrinth of configuration menus, it does work as intended. But at the cost of insecure computing.

If you have the option to buy another product, DO IT. Save your self from this hell.



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Re: overview of HP insight software

I am in progress to installing insight control with RDP . IC has been done but RDP has installed fine but when I go to downloading the license RDP (30 day): I blocked on below illustration When I download the pdf file and I try to download RDP (30 day): Download your license file* I get below link I don’t know which reference Code I should put ; realy I am bloked on this step ; please advise on this