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problems IRSA , message lost connection to Director

Occasional Contributor

problems IRSA , message lost connection to Director

attach  java session:

e00ed0> Starting communication link with WEBES.
basic: Applet initialized
basic: Starting applet
basic: completed perf rollup
e00ed0> Applet start called.
basic: Applet made visible
basic: Applet started
basic: Told clients applet is started
a9ae3e> Comm Error: java.lang.NullPointerException
e00ed0> Link with WEBES lost.
e00ed0> Clearing applet's memory.

lost connection to director


any ideas???

Esteemed Contributor

Re: problems IRSA , message lost connection to Director

What is the result of desta status?


It should look like this


C:\>desta status

Checking for DESTA director with PID 1234
The Director process is running.


If not your Desta_service is no longer  running.


Some times it is also based on the fact that the communication between your browser

https://SIM_Server:7906 is not very good working.


Some reasons:


simplest cases:

  • somebody stopped or restarted the desta_service
  • Desta_services crashed due to limited resources (memory)

complex cases:

  • Network problems (proxy settings / firewall config / switches  / Content filters)
  • real bug lets crash your desta service
  • desta does not replly fast enough (to much workload e.g.. event log of the SIM server is very active)

Hope you get some hints





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Re: problems IRSA , message lost connection to Director

Also check the size of the application event log in event viewer (if on windows). If it's over 15 Mb try saving it off and deleting is and restart IRS/WEBES

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