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rss 7.05 and c7000 blades infrastructure

john daly_5
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rss 7.05 and c7000 blades infrastructure


newbie here.. be kind


we want to install RSS7.05 to monitor a C7000 with blades, interconnects, VC.. I see from the docs that i can discover the OA first and that will alert on C7000 chassis issues such as Fans, PS, OA....fine.. I can then discover the blades that are in the C7000 separetly and they will be monitored .... find.... what do i do for the VC and any other Interconnect options such as Brocade switches or the 6142 procurve blades or Cisco blade interconnects.??? Does the discovery of the OA pick up all the interconnects as well?? Or do i have to discover each interconnect device on its own???



john daly