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Re: sfmconfig -t -<test>

Vinod Chitrali
New Member

Re: sfmconfig -t -<test>


"The test events (-m, -p and -b from sfmconfig -t)never show up." One of the reason could be the disk on which /var directory is mounted is nearly full(80% full). Diagnostics products expect that, the disk should have more that 21% /var directory space free.

To resolve this issue please clean up your /var directory.

Please let me know if it helps.

Oliver Zell_1

Re: sfmconfig -t -<test>

Hello Vinod,

your solution worked.

/var was at 91%. we extended /var so that we were at 66% and now the test events for processor (sfmconfig -t -p), memory (... -m) and backbone (... -b) worked - they did not before.

Thanks a lot !