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support handle staus =not available

Occasional Advisor

support handle staus =not available

Hi ,
We have a problem with entitlement.
When i install last release A.3.95.500.28 on hpux 11.XX server
Contract is valid entiltement is correctly set

DeviceName SupportHandle OS IP Address Status
tibre not-available HPUX polling
aragon not-available HPUX polling
moselle not-available HPUX polling
vairon not-available HPUX polling
rouget not-available HPUX polling
rhin not-available HPUX polling
oder not-available HPUX polling
garonne not-available HPUX polling
rousseau not-available HPUX polling
mantha not-available HPUX polling
dourbie not-available HPUX polling
vistule not-available HPUX polling

example entiltement set:
Serial _Number DEH45388W2 .
Product _Number A9951A
Contract Identifier 101276706425
Contract Type SAID

Can you explain what happens?

Also,the client resolves SPOP/Data Center
telnet 80 connection be done from client to SPOP/Data Center.

Mad.log says:
more mad.log
================= Logging initialized at 271106 20:37:24.557 =================
271106 20:37:25.737 ERROR,[Main] IOException (3): (futil.cpp:35) ex_fopen failed
: /opt/hpservices/vendors/HP_Services/mycert.bin

271106 20:37:25.737 ERROR,[Main] IOException (3): (futil.cpp:35) ex_fopen failed
: /opt/hpservices/vendors/HP_Services/vendorcert.bin

271106 20:37:25.737 ERROR,[Main] IOException (3): (futil.cpp:35) ex_fopen failed
: /opt/hpservices/vendors/HP_Services/cacert.bin

271106 20:37:25.812 ERROR,[Comm] MotiveException (28): checkOEMInstall: no contact info

271106 20:37:25.818 ERROR,[Comm] sendReceive FAILED
271106 20:37:25.818 ERROR,[Comm] NetworkException (28): OEM vendor install failed for vendor 'HP_Services'

271106 20:37:53.695 ERROR,[Synchronize] chmod(vendor.prefs): No such file or directory.

Can somebody explain what can be done here?

Thanks in Advance,

Liem Nguyen
Honored Contributor

Re: support handle staus =not available


This is a known problem, you can use the work-around below:

1. From the command line run:

#/opt/hpservices/RemoteSupport/bin/coreConfig â r SystemHandle xxxxxxxxxxxx
NOTE: xxxxxxxxxxxx is the SAID number.

2. Then restart hpservices

#/sbin/init.d/hpservices restart

3. Then send a test event:


That should work.