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suspend monitoring of hpux systems

Alice Seeley
Frequent Advisor

suspend monitoring of hpux systems

There is a maintenance window for 8 hours on a weekend and it involves 400 some servers being monitored by insight rs 05.30. Is there a way to suspend monitoring for all systems instead of touching each one in SIM?
Brad Cunningham
Trusted Contributor

Re: suspend monitoring of hpux systems


Select the servers you would like to suspend by selecting them individually or selecting a collection where the servers are listed.

Then go to options>system properties>suspend or resume monitoring

You will probably have to suspend them indefinitely and then after the 8 hours go back select the same targets and then rerun options>system properties>suspend or resume monitoring.

I don;t know of a way to set a time unless you want to go to the trouble of creating a task. The drops downs for this are 5 minutes, 15 minutes i hour or 1 day