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test events being teated differently on SIM

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test events being teated differently on SIM

I have a new installation of Insight Mgr 5.3 with Remote Support Pack. I have five HP-UX 11.31 servers configured into SIM.

The problem is that I have three of the servers working with Remote Support, and two that are not. All of them were set up the same way. If I generate test events (sfmconfig -t -a) on each server, those events will appear within SIM under the appropriate server.

For the three servers that work properly, the "Event Status" turns into a red circle with an X, which is a critical event. The events then show up under the "All HP Service Events", and emails are generated to out local email address. I can watch the progress of the events via the Events page.

However, for the other two servers, when the events are received, the "Event Status" becomes a white circle with a lower case "i". And the events are never recognized as a critical event, so they don't appear in the service events area, nor are any emails generated.

So, something is different with these two servers in their setup. As SIM is recieving events for all five servers, but treating two of the differently, I'm assuming that there is something that I have overlooked.

Thoughts? Suggestions?