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In the SEA, i found that (undelivered: ISEE) in WEBES notification.

1. i checked that connectivity of RSSWM, it show sucess.
2. the ISEE is enabled.
3. i try to telnet the following, it has reponse. 443 443 443
4.Confirmed that firewall is not blocked
5. the registration of RSC has failed.

there are some logs of irs
from the iseeclient:
20100708T11:39:25 IseeClient error WinHttpWrapper.cxx 660 winhttp-1.2: fsend, error (The parameter is incorrect.) in WinHttpSetCredentials
20100708T11:39:25 IseeClient error ResponseHandler.cxx 87 ERROR DURING TRANSPORT, transport type=registration transport id=CA966DCD-6713-4A59-880E-FDC1BBCDD945 Error details: soap fault code=24 soap fault string=An HTTP processing error occurred soap fault detail=
20100708T11:39:28 IseeClient info ClientDaemon.cxx 457 State is INACTIVE :: Log level is info

20100708T11:31:38 Registration info regIncident.cxx 97 **** registerClient -forcereg ***
20100708T11:33:44 Registration error regIncident.cxx 109 Failed to send the client registration event.
20100708T11:33:44 Registration fatal regIncident.cxx 121 1: Registration failed.
20100708T11:38:26 Registration info regIncident.cxx 97 **** registerClient -forcereg ***

20100609T17:31:14 IseeCtl warning IseeUtils.cxx 1306 IseeUtils::getRegistryString - Registry path Systems Insight Manager\Settings failed to open
20100609T17:31:14 IseeCtl info extSubmitProxiedIncident.cxx 99 **** submitProxiedIncidentExt -p C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\RemoteSupport\tmp\8af8b048291be09601291c0c536d11c8tmpOOSRegistrationFile.xml -b ISEE -a Object Of Service -pd OOS Registration Event -nec ***
20100609T17:31:14 IseeCtl error extSubmitProxiedIncident.cxx 126 Client is not in a valid state for submittals
20100609T17:31:14 IseeCtl error IncidentLauncher.cxx 501 Failed to submit the oos registration event. Error code: 0
20100609T17:31:14 IseeCtl error iseectl.cxx 2308 Failed to send oos registration event. guid=8af8b048291be09601291c0c536d11c8

how can i resolve the problem? Thank you.

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Re: undelivered:ISEE??

RSSWM keeps the remote support components up to date.
To use the remote support services themselves, you must register separately and configure your managed devices, that IRS allows to send their service incidents to HP.
The documentation is located on

Regards, Werner
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Re: undelivered:ISEE??


I have the same problem with HPSIM 6.2/ IRSA 5.50.
The tests with the HP sites are OK:
The nslookup on the both site are OK.
The test with RSSWM are ok.

But when I tried to submit the setting page RSCS, I have the message with connexion failed.
End in the log RemoteSupport the same entries
If you have an idea ?