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BuldAcct capabilities

j kubler
Frequent Advisor

BuldAcct capabilities

I need to rebuild and environment from one HP 3000 system to another. Trouble is, we want to have groups from the same account end up on different user volumes. So one group from the CHC account needs to go to MEDADV_1 while another from the same account needs to got to MEDADV_2. However, when you try to enter a group and account like FILEMOR.CHC%VSACCT=MEDADV_1 it says that the ACCOUNT NAME IS GREATER THAN 8 Characters. Is there a way to do this using BULDACCT?
What would be the syntax?
Other suggestions?
Denis St-Amand
Trusted Contributor

Re: BuldAcct capabilities

BULDACCT VSACCT option permits to migrate *all* groups from supplied account list. It expects account names, not group names.

You'll need to migrate most groups to one volume set and then manually migrate others to the other one.