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Installing Performance Collection Software

Installing Performance Collection Software

Hi, I want use Performance Collection Software on my HP3000. The manual say that this software is installed on scopy.sys group, but I can´t find "scopejob" I think that I haven´t performance software installed. I have only three files on scope group (pvscope, pvserver, pvutil)

note: if I try to execute pvserver i get this error:
Potentially incompatible Operating System
versions exist between PVSCOPE and this system.

This is PVSCOPE version B.10.06(06) for MPE iX 5.5 .

MPE version Found = C.65.00 Expected = C.55.00
MI version Found = X.09.04 Expected = X.09.00 - X.10.99

Please contact your local Hewlett-Packard
Support Representative for resolution.

Dan Clifford
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Installing Performance Collection Software


The scopejob is just the background job that needs to be running in order for you to collect data. You are probably missing some other pieces of the software that are going to be necessary before you can even get to running the scopejob. It also sounds like you have an old version of the scope programs on your system - versions that are no longer compatible with the operating system that your system is on. I would follow the advise of the error message that you got and contact someone from the HP Response Center or your local HP office to get assistance.

Trying to run an older version of this software that is not supported for your operating system could lead to unexpected results (system aborts) if you are not careful.

Gerhard Roets
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Installing Performance Collection Software

Hi Raul

Look at this link.

Scopy is a subset of glance.

The key here is you do not only need to configure scopejob but also the scope metrics against which to measure your system.

Just as an example
1. A SCSI SE Disk has a lower threshold in terms of load that a SCSI LVD disk. Hence you need to setup metrics(parm.scope.sys) of when it is "bad" or ""going bad" in terms of load.

For your reference is a good place for information hunting. is also good to have a bookmark to.

Fred Metcalf
Trusted Contributor

Re: Installing Performance Collection Software

MPE/iX Performance Collection Software is part of a product that you need to purchase from HP: B2953A - HP GlancePlus Pak for MPE/iX
MPE systems come with a GLANCEIX program that may be activated for trial use. The
GLREADME.PUB.SYS file describes how to activate the trial period.
Missing MPE :-)