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MPE - Instalation

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Piotr Kirklewski
Super Advisor

MPE - Instalation

Hi there
I have an HP -3000 server, the disk has been wiped and I'm not familiar with installation of MPE.

Where to get an installation files, how to start etc.

Bets regards
Jesus is the King
Dan Clifford
Esteemed Contributor

Re: MPE - Instalation


If you have HP support, now would probably be an excellent time to open a call with them.

Do you have any tapes - a full backup or a tape labelled SLT perhaps?

How long ago was the system up and running?

Piotr Kirklewski
Super Advisor

Re: MPE - Instalation

I'm using this system only for training purposes.
I have a tape labeled as iX 6.0.
But have no idea how to start.

Jesus is the King
Kwan Fong, Emile
Honored Contributor

Re: MPE - Instalation

Hello Piotr,

It looks like you'll have to start from scratch.

I recommend you follow Chapter #2 "Checklist K - Install a new system" of the "HP 3000 MPE/iX Release 6.0 System Software Maintenance Manual (Release C.60.00)" available right here :

You may choose to use "Checklist J - Reinstall using a CSLT" should you have a current IO configuration & CSLT tapes.

Hope this helps. Good Luck.
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