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Patchix on 5.5

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Ian Warner
Trusted Contributor

Patchix on 5.5

Downloaded the 5.5 patchix from the RC, and tried to run. All I get is the following error, no matter where I run it from (pc or console)
************ HP Patch/iX ERROR MESSAGE **************
ERROR: HP Patch/iX experienced an error while
initializing the windowing environment. (PMERR 3).

CAUSE: HP Patch/iX failed to successfully initialize the windowing
environment through the curses library.

ACTION: Make sure you are running HP Patch/iX on a C.50.00
or later system. If you are using C.50.00 or later system,
this could be caused by using a terminal which is not supported
by Curses/iX or by incorrect setting of the term variable.
If in doubt about this, please try :DELETEVAR TERM and rerun
Patch/iX again.
Contact the Hewlett-Packard Response Center if further assistance
is required.

Patch management was NOT successfully completed.

** EXITING HP Patch/iX **
Why did anyone invent unix?
Kwan Fong, Emile
Honored Contributor

Re: Patchix on 5.5

Hello Ian,

The error message seems to indicate system is missing some HFS files.

If the HFS files do not reside on the backup, you'll need to recover the HFS files
from the FOS tape:

1) restore @.HP36431.SUPPORT and I0036431.USL.SYS from FOS tape,
2) stream SUPACCT.PUB.SYS to create the hfs directories,
3) stream I0036431.USL.SYS which will explode all hfs files from an MPE file and set up all SYMLINKs from the hfs name space to the MPE files (such as SH.HPBIN.SYS).

King is the customer!
Ian Warner
Trusted Contributor

Re: Patchix on 5.5

Thanks again
Why did anyone invent unix?