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Scratching Volume

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Scratching Volume

I'm playing with mPE system, just for educational purposes.
I cannot scratch a volume because it's already added to vilume set etc.

The message says that the Volume is mounted in invalid state fr desired operation.

Can anybody tell me how can I mount it as a LONER ?

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Re: Scratching Volume

Hello Piotr,

If the disc volume is mounted in an user volume set, therefore you'll need to close the volume set first (:VSCLOSE ;NOW); before closing the volume set, make sure nobody is accessing the volume set (:VSUSER).

I hope the disc is mounted on an user volume set; if it is a disc member of the system volume set, you cannot close the system volume set; by design, MPE/iX OS always mounts the system volume set when you boot up the server.

To make a disc member of the system volume set in LONER state, you'll have to ISL>INSTALL the system so only system disc (ldev#1) is mounted; other disc members of the system volume set will be in LONER state (unless you force them to mount at bootup; this is done via sysgen>io>av command).
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