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3 of 4 processors are gone

Igor Sovin
Super Advisor

3 of 4 processors are gone


3 processors are gone on my rx4640 box.
I cant see them in hp-ux (top command)

In Management Processor I see:
[molly] MP:CM> ss


System Processor Status:

Monarch Processor: 3

Processor 0: Installed and NOT CONFIGURED
Processor 1: Installed and NOT CONFIGURED
Processor 2: Installed and NOT CONFIGURED
Processor 3: Installed and Configured

What could happen?


Re: 3 of 4 processors are gone


could be someone has de-configured the CPUs from EFI. You're going to need to reboot and interrupt the boot and go to and EFI shell prompt.

Then run


to see if the CPUs are shown as de-configured.

If this is what has been done, then:

cpuconfig 0 on
cpuconfig 1 on
cpuconfig 2 on

Should allow you to re-enable them.



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Igor Sovin
Super Advisor

Re: 3 of 4 processors are gone

Hi Duncan!
Already done.
thanks anyway
Honored Contributor

Re: 3 of 4 processors are gone

Did anything notable happen to this Integrity rx4640 box leading up to this condition? Power failures or power glitches, firmware upgrades, a puff of greasy orange smoke, etc.

What does cpuconfig (at the EFI Shell prompt, and with no options) show?

Firmware current? sysrev at MP.

Maybe MP CM PC -cycle? Or PC OFF, PC ON? to clear the state?

Is the fault LED lit (red)? Anything in the SEL?

If the processors are not simply disabled, this might be an odd firmware state, or it might well be some sort of a hardware problem.

If the SEL doesn't have anything relevant and the power-cycle doesn't work, I'd likely move up to a firmware reload/upgrade, and maybe a reset-to-defaults, and then to a service call.

Stephen Hoffman
Occasional Advisor

Re: 3 of 4 processors are gone

hi ....

I also have the same problem ...
but my server is more severe, because it can not get into console
EFI shell also can not run .... just get into the ILO
whether it could run on the ILO cpuconfig ..????

if not .. how to configure the cpu?