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4640 Management Processor problems

Gary Liddington
Occasional Advisor

4640 Management Processor problems

Hi All,

We've got a bit of a problem with 2 of our 3 RX4640's. We have configured the MP in each to allow access from the LAN. However, whilst this works on one server, the other 2 have the same problem.

The working server successfully loads the java 'teemworld' plugin for the remote telnet session. The other 2 will always fail to load both the HP server graphic and the java plugin.

The 2 servers that fail report the following in the internet explorer status bar (when the mouse rolls over what would be the java windows).. 'load: class pericom.TeemWorld.TeemWorld not found'

Normal telnet to the MP's work ok.
Loop back cable connections to the MP produce the same problems.
I'm using IE6, not that it should be a problem.
All Firmware revisions are up to date.
Where does the MP store it's java files? Does the server need to be built to allow access to the MP via a web browser???

Any help would be appreciated..


Gary Liddington
Occasional Advisor

Re: 4640 Management Processor problems

Hi, Can anyone shed any light on this?

Thanks, Gary
Gary Liddington
Occasional Advisor

Re: 4640 Management Processor problems

Hello everyone again, I've managed to sort this one out by upgrading the firmware on the MP's.

Originally the servers were all running E.02.26 firmware, but only one was allowing access to the web based telnet page. Now the other 2 servers work as well.

Still there you go..