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A9803A MP and AB500A iLO Pak License

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Leo Angeles
Occasional Contributor

A9803A MP and AB500A iLO Pak License

I am planning an internal purchase of an RX2620-2 integrity server. The A9803A spec says it has an integrated VGA and NIC. If I don't buy the AB500A iLO license Pak will the VGA still work as a normal console port? Is the iLO a requirement to get the A9803A MP card working? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Honored Contributor

Re: A9803A MP and AB500A iLO Pak License

Hi Leo,

A9803A is a MP card with a VGA and a Lan port.

AB500A is MP/iLO Adavanced Remote Management
license pak. With this pak , you get licensed features of MP/iLO such as
1. Secure Shell (SSH) access to the iLO MP
2. Group actions via hp Systems Insight Manager (HPSIM)
3. Directory-based authentication and authorization (LDAP) for MP

If you need above features, then you need to buy the license pak otherwise A9803A would work as usual besides its own un-licensed features. The VGA will work as normal console.

Be aware iLO is new name given to MP.

Refer the following link for more details