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AB548A processor

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Eric Firkey
Regular Advisor

AB548A processor

AB548A is the 1.6GHz/6MB CPU for rx76/86x0 server. Does anyone know the difference between the AB548-04001 and the AB548-04009? Can the AB548-04001 be upgraded possibly by firmware to the AB548-04009 or is the difference physical?

thank you.
Honored Contributor

Re: AB548A processor

I don't know about this particular CPU part numbers but I have seen this "part numbering" with other parts such as disk drives. I think they are identical parts. The "1" vs. the "9" difference in the last digit is for HP inventory purposes. The AB548-04001 is a new part number, the part that you buy when you order the server or when you add a new CPU to an existing server, whereas the AB548-04009 is the part number for a field replacable unit that you order for an exisitng server if the CPU fails.