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Adding a new cell borad in RX8640

Henry Manda

Adding a new cell borad in RX8640

Hi Guys,

I need urgent help!

I have an RX8640 Server, with 3 cellboards. I have just successfully added the third one.
I need to add the third cellboard to be part of first partition(partition 0). I try to use parmodify i get an error. See attached error file, and complete information including firmware details.
Honored Contributor

Re: Adding a new cell borad in RX8640

It seems to be a newer firmware on the new cell board added. The way is to you can degrade the new cell board firmware and try add. The best way is to upgrade the existing cell board firmware to lastest and add.

You can use the FW command from MP to upgrade/degrade the firmware. I am little bit sure that we can take the firmware image from old cell board and apply to new cell added else you may need to provide the ftp link with the same version on the ftp and try degrade on the new cell and then try to add to existing partition.