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Re: Adding drives to Integrity servers

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Matt Hearn
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Adding drives to Integrity servers

Hey all! I have a pretty dumb question, but it doesn't seem like it's covered easily anywhere. We have a couple rx6600 servers that came shipped with 36GB internals in the P800 Smart Array, RAID 1, giving me a logical device of about 33GB. We've already maxed out our filesystems on the internal disk, and want to add more space.

I was looking at , and it seems to indicate I just have to plug in a couple more disks, and the Smart Array will automatically mirror them and increase the size of the logical device. Is that true? We're hoping to add 140GB disks, will it still be able to handle those considering all it has now are 36GB?

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Re: Adding drives to Integrity servers

The document says as follows.

When you have replaced all drives, you can use the extra capacity to either create new logical drives or extend existing logical drives. For more information about these procedures, refer to the HP Array
Configuration Utility User Guide.

You can extend the logical drive size something like below.

# saconfig /dev/ciss6 -E 0 -c 140

Logical drive 0 wiil be extended to 140 GB in capacity. Hope this helps. I am not sure if you can extend the size to 140GB. It may be limited to 138GB or 139GB.