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Amber led flashing rx-2660.

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Massimo Carozzo
Occasional Advisor

Amber led flashing rx-2660.

First of alla I beg your pardon if this
argument has been already discussed.
I decided to face an old problem that I did
not succeed to solve since a long time.
I have rx-2660 and rp-3410 server and when some
crash or fault happens an amber led starts to flash and, even I restart the server or I corrects the fault, the flashing remains.
Someone told me that I had to shutdown the system, then unplug, both power cords and
power on again.
Is it really so cumplicate?
Thanks and regards.

Honored Contributor

Re: Amber led flashing rx-2660.

"Someone" told you false information.

The flashing amber LED means the Management Processor (also known as iLO) has hardware log entries that nobody has read yet.

You should log on to the iLO/MP and use the SL command to view the hardware logs (mainly the error log). When you do this, the flashing amber LED should change to green automatically.

If you shutdown the system, then unplug both power cords and power up again, I think the LED will again be blinking amber and the error log will have messages like "System power has been lost" and "System power is again available".

The Management Processor has a built-in capacitor/battery/whatever that allows it to document even a total power loss.

Regular Advisor

Re: Amber led flashing rx-2660.

you have to log to MP

MP> SL (show logs)

and look at the system event log or error log. This will clear the amber light.