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Anyone try this brand of memory?

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Vince Laurent
Respected Contributor

Anyone try this brand of memory?

We are looking to upgrade our rx6600 and rx2660s RAM.  I found a company that decent prices and bought some.  The website said the Manufacturer was HP but when I go the chips they say inphi as the company.  So... does anyone have experience with inphi memory? Should I be concerned this is not "HP" memory but maybe made to HP specs? 

Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: Anyone try this brand of memory?

It looks like inphi is a company that makes components for various type of devices, including RAM.


If the name inphi is on some components, then my guess is they manufactured those parts.  I don't see where they make the complete DIMMs, but I may be  missing that as I haven't scoured their web page.



Vince Laurent
Respected Contributor

Re: Anyone try this brand of memory?

Got my answer from HP:


"It comes down to this, if the FRU information is not written on the DIMM (DF output) then it is not HP supported DIMMs.

HP does not recommend 3rd Party Dimms to be installed.

HP will not support any Memory related issues and could be billable if HP CE goes onsite and finds memory was the cause for the onsite visit."


Shipping it back...