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Application migration from HP 9000 to Integrity Server

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Application migration from HP 9000 to Integrity Server

We have an application on a 9000/800/rp7420, B11.11. Part of the application is provided as precompiled libraries by the applications's vendor, and we also have the C++ source code which we build with aCC A.03.60.

We would like to migrate the application to ia64 hp server Integrity Virtual Machine, B11.31. We cannot rebuild the vendor-supplied libraries. We also have no HP-UX development tools yet (e.g. aCC) on the Integrity machine.

I'm looking for a high-level road map of what steps we will need to take. Some questions are:

* Do the vendor-supplied libraries need to be rebuilt?

* What version of aCC, and other development tools, are required?

* I've read about an HP-UX utility called XPADE. Is this what I will need to accomplish this task?

Thank you for any suggestions.




Re: Application migration from HP 9000 to Integrity Server



The product XPADE is needed if you plan to use PA-RISC based Applications in an ARIES environment on IA Servers (called "stand-alone" as against Container/Secured Resource Partition)


Alternatively if you use ARIES in a Containerized environment you don't really need to recompile because "PA-RISC development environment comes along with the HP 9000 file image" 


HP 9000 software is available as free web-load from


To know more about SRP, kindly check the documentation at - - Click on the link "HP-UX Containers (SRP)"


HPE Consultants have done multiple such migrations successfully after a POC and thorough testing. You may plan to avail their services (on a chargeable basis) should you need further help.


Hope this helps. 

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