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BL 870C OS Load can't access HDD

Scott Hallmark
Occasional Contributor

BL 870C OS Load can't access HDD

I have a a semi new install of one Hp BL 870C.

The issue I am having that that the OS (W2K3) can't gain access to the HDD's after using the easy-setup app on the Smart startr (rev 6.20) CD.

Any help would be appreciated.
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: BL 870C OS Load can't access HDD


make sure you configured the internal SAS drives first in raid1 (IM Integrated Mirror) because W2K3 does not recognize the SAS disks and needs to see a emulation of a SCSI device which is exactly what the RAID1 mirror does.

Use the command drvcfg at EFI shell to configure the raid controller (note this is not a SmartArray).

If all of the above is correct and you still face this issue, then check if you have a W2K3 with SP2 included ?(slipstreamed) because that is a minimum requirement.

Als check the documentation available on your SmartSetup V6.2 cd , i attached an older version which shows the screens when you configure the raid (on a BL860C but it is the same basically ) via the SmartSetup cd and not from the EFI shell (using drvcfg)